Saturday, March 29, 2014

What Men Appreciate from Women

When is the time to introduce a man and his date to the bedroom. There are really no right or wrong answer. Every person is different. But if a man has stolen your hearts, and you think you are ready to sleep with him, make doubly sure that your doing it for the right reasons. Men don’t think of sex in the same way women do. For men, it is a physical act that is in the moment; for women, it is an emotional act and an expression of how they feel about the man. The fact is you (woman) shouldn’t have any expectations after you sleep with a man. It is also not a good idea to sleep with a man just because you believe it’s the next step in the relationship. You must be also be aware that sex changes everything. The morning after your first night together, you may feel closer to him or it may be the beginning of the end. If you’re simply looking for a bed buddy, then you don’t have to worry about whether he stays or goes the next day, but if you’re looking for something more, make sure you know where things stand.

One hundred men were asked to find out what keeps a man turned on in the bedroom. Here’s what the guys have to say:
  •   SMELL. Men love the smell of a freshly showered woman with clean hair and a little   dab of perfume at the nape of her neck.
  • SKIN. Soft skin against their bodies was a must. If you have a skin problem, take a trip to a dermatologist.
  • WOMEN WHO TAKE CHARGE. Men like nothing better than to be the one to just lie there on their backs and enjoy the aggressive sexual moves of women.
  •  FOREPLAY. Keep the foreplay alive. It will bring you both to the edge and keep him coming back for more. 
  • ADVENTURE. Men love to be taught new things and be taken on adventures. Once you are both comfortable with each other, anything goes.
  • MOUTH. It’s sexy and sensual. A lot of male fantasies stem from her sensual lips.
  • FEET. Polished toes are a must.
  • GOOD BREATH. Minty fresh.
Of course, the bedroom is a place for you to create your own sense of sensuality and identity. Some details that will make your bedroom ready for anything: Candles, fresh-cut flowers, a variety of outfits (lingerie, robes), fresh sheets, sexy throw pillows. The side drawer should contain breath mints, massage oil and any other pertinent items that he would enjoy.
Adapted from: "Why hasn't he called" by Titus and Fadal, 2008

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