Monday, June 16, 2014

Does Money Buy Happiness?

It’s true, “money doesn’t buy happiness.” There are factors that contribute to happiness or unhappiness, it appears that simply earning more money isn’t enough to ensure happiness. Financial independence is a means to an end, a tool. Financial independence alone will not make you happy. It’s what you do once you become financially independent that determines your level of happiness. Too often, we set goals about what we want to own. While these things can add to our level of satisfaction, happiness will ultimately come from accomplishing goals.

        Other said that money does indeed translate to happiness. But only when it is self-earned, when it is a direct result of effort by you, not money simply bestowed upon you. It brings happiness when the wealth is the result of real value that you have added to the world in some important way. Happiness is a uniquely subjective experience. People with significant wealth are almost happier than those with less in the bank. Billionaires take personal responsibility for their happiness, just as they take personal responsibility for their businesses, their failures, and their lives. They seek to make a difference in the world, and the money is both the reward for their worthy contributions and the means to carry their dreams and their enterprises farther.

Although money is the fuel that propels you to your goals, money does not provide a guarantee that you will get what you want, accomplish what you desire, or become a better person. In fact, it is not necessary for you to have a lot of money to achieve success in life. Mother Teresa had a very little financial wealth, but had immense happiness and satisfaction with her life.

        If you take time to step back from the details of your daily life and focus on the bigger picture, you will find that there is probably at least an area or two in your life that is going well, maybe your job, your marriage, or your relationship with your kids. Most people can usually find some satisfaction in their lives.

       On the other hand, there may be an area or two that causes dissatisfaction, maybe even frustration or anger. You may be able to pinpoint those areas that make you unhappy. In an effort to advance in one area of our lives, we often neglect another. Marital problems can destroy a good career, just as career problems can derail good marriage. By neglecting certain parts of our lives, we allow these areas to infect the areas where we are satisfied. These problems have the potential to undermine our success and overall happiness in life.

        A balanced life is comprised of different life zones, the major areas of your life that are most meaningful and important to you. The common life zones are: (1) Family (2) Relationships (3) Business and Career (4) Physical Health (5) Personal Growth (6) Spirituality and (7) Financial Health. The importance of good financial health cannot be overemphasized. Like poor physical health, financial health can have an immediate and dramatic impact on the other areas of your life. Financial difficulties can split marriages, tear families apart, and can be a catalyst for health problems.

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